Stuff I like doing at work or in my free time.

Game Development

Video game development is a serious hobby of mine and at one point was even a business venture.

I work on prototypes for ideas regularly, utilizing a variety of technologies including Unity, Godot and even the browser.



Need I say more? I'm sure there's a joke about developers and coffee...

Seriously though, I love coffee. Drip, french press, espresso, cold brew, black or with the works.


Ever since Google rebuilt AngularJS from the ground up as Angular, I have been using the framework. It continues to be one of the best platforms for building single page applications.

With each version, Google continues to improve on Angular, decreasing app bundle sizes while improving performance.



Music has always been an important part of my life. I love listening to almost every genre - except maybe modern country (classics like Johnny Cash are awesome). I can also play, to varying degrees of competancy, different musical instruments including guitar, piano, banjo and drums.

While I'm working, I almost always have music playing (occassionally I swap to an audiobook or a podcast). Music helps me focus when I need to power through some work, or aids my mentality when I need to be creatively solving problems.



I never really enjoyed doing mobile app development (other than for games); I had done work for iOS natively, and had tried my hand at cross-platform solutions like Phonegap and React Native. Then I started playing around with Flutter, both for work as well as on the side. I really like what Google is doing with the platform and am looking forward to testing its limits.