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Game Development

Video game development is a serious hobby of mine and at one point was even a business venture.

I work on prototypes for ideas regularly, utilizing a variety of technologies including Unity, Godot and even WebGL in the browser. I also do projects with Drizzle Games, an indie game studio.

All of the disciplines of game designs fascinate me - art, mechanic design, storytelling, engine development, etc..

Board Games & Tabletop RPGs

I really enjoy cooperative board games and tabletop roleplaying games. Arkham Horror (3rd Ed.) is a definite favorite. I regularly participate in a few tabletop campaigns in various systems includingDungeons & Dragons, GURPS and Call of Cthulhu.

Cooperative board games provide a challenging, team-based experience and tabletop RPGs are an awesome way to create engaging narratives as a group.


Need I say more? I'm sure there's a joke about developers and coffee...

Seriously though, I love coffee. Drip, french press, espresso, cold brew, black or with the works.


Music has always been an important part of my life. I love listening to almost every genre - except maybe modern country (classics like Johnny Cash are awesome). I can also play, to varying degrees of competency, different musical instruments including guitar, piano, banjo and drums.

While I'm working, I almost always have music playing (occasionally I swap to an audiobook or a podcast). Music helps me focus when I need to power through some work, or aids my mentality when I need to be creatively solving problems.

Flutter & Dart

I never really enjoyed doing mobile app development (other than for games); I had done work for iOS natively, and had tried my hand at cross-platform solutions like Phonegap and React Native. Then I started playing around with Flutter, both for work as well as for side projects. I really like what Google is doing with the platform and am looking forward to testing its limits.