These are some of the projects I've done for professional work or personal experience.

Unthink Stack

Based on Express, the Unthink Stack is a full-stack solution for web development. I co-authored this during my time at EP+Co to utilize TypeScript, MongoDB and Riot.js to streamline our development process.

Check it out on Github

Paparazzi Panic

An entry for the GMTK Game Jam 2019. I was part of a team of 5: two programmers, one designer, one artist and one sound engineer.

The theme for the jam was "only one". Our entry follows this theme by having a celebrity photo event where there is only one camera. You have to fight for the camera and snap the one photo before the opportunity ends.

You can download the game from

Tower of Battle

Tower of Battle was a game jam project that the entire team still loves to play around with. It was our second project and we really wanted to try something with multiplayer, utilizing Websockets.

With a Node.js server, the browser-based client was originally written with CreateJS and Since then, the server and client code have been moved to TypeScript. The client has also been rewritten to use Pixi.js and vanilla websockets.

Some day, we'd love to do more with the game. For now, the browser-based version is still playable at

GMTK Jam 2020

Our entry for the GMTK Jam 2020 was my first real foray into 3D game development. We bit off a bit more than we could chew for a 48-hour game jam, but we learned a ton and had a blast doing it.

Destiny Exotics

Destiny Exotics was a fan-built companion site for the video games Destiny and Destiny 2. Its purpose was to fill a need that the games didn't provide - the tracking of the exotic loot you could collect in the game.

Built in Python with Flask and utilizing Mongodb for the database, the site would collect game data from an API the developers of the game provided. The front-end of the site was powered by Riot.js.

The site is no longer available, as cost and constraints became a factor, and as Destiny 2 slowly integrated a lot of the missing features.

Online Ordering Platforms

While at EP+Co, I was the lead developer for two huge online ordering initiatives for two restaurants: Denny's, and Checkers. Working closely with design, other developers and the stakeholders, I helped launch bespoke Single Page Applications for both clients, utilizing Angular.

This Website

This website is regularly getting rewritten from scratch as I try out new technologies.

Previous iterations include Wordpress, Grav CMS, static HTML, and Strapi API feeding an Unthink Stack based server with server-side rendering.

Currently, the site is built utilizing Next.js.